Oguz Cetin is a business man who provides global professional services subjected to health and aesthetic surgeries.

Oğuz Çetin, as an extensively skilled and known face on health and medical aesthetic sector put his experiences into 6 distinct  brands. Okaaesthetic, Okaworld, Okasağlık, Okahair, ice FUE and Ceoaesthetic brands that are serving medical aesthetic services all over the World.

While leading aesthetic surgery services brands, he is expertised in Hair Transplantation Surgery and takes place as a success record ranker that is 97% in Turkey.

Also the significant point is that he ows IceFue Hair Transplantation Technique patent on behalf of him self.

The patent is one of the latest and most advanced methods in Hair Transplant surgery that rises up the operation success rank up to 100%!


He covers his other brands as ONLY AESTHETIC sub brands as well.

ICE-FUE Hair Transplantation adnvanced the technique

  • As the extracted hair grafts from donor area are kept in a vitamined solution, they do not lose productivity efficiency.

The roots are shocked into a special advanced device and become more efficient.

  • The techinque is unique in Turkey.
  • It is a painless and hurtless technique.

Costs affordable

Health and medical aesthetic surgeries

6 distinct brands on health and medical aesthetic surgeries

Hair Transplantation

For the first and as the only, Oguz Cetin signed Ice-Fue technique patent in Turkey.


Aesthetic services provider with the accompaniment of the best aesthetic surgeons

Brand Leader

Professional brand leading / branding consultant and advisor

Business man

The known face of press and media

Your health and beauty is our proficiency!



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Ice-Fue Hair Transplantation technique numbered to 2016 48537 is approved and issued by Turkey Patent Institute on 03.01.2017. Here Mentioned Ice-Fue Hair Transplantation technique belongs to Ice-Fue Hair Transplant Center and any copy or illegal use is void of legal validity and includes the scopes of legal claimant.